Tourism Industry Association Fears Air Pollution May Affect Tourist Visits

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) chairperson Hariyadi Sukamdani expressed worry that air pollution would affect foreign tourist visits to Indonesia, especially to Jakarta, although it has not yet received a request for cancellation. 

“If [air pollution] continues like this, it will definitely have an impact,” Hariyadi said when met at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Building on Monday, August 21, 2023.

He was worried that this poor condition could make foreign tourists prefer traveling to other countries with better air quality. “People go on vacation to have fun. If a place is polluted, who wants to go there?” he said.

Hariyadi hoped that the government is more serious about solving this problem. Regarding anticipatory measures such as the use of face masks and electric vehicles, he opined that those could not completely solve the problem, “as long as the source of the pollution is not managed.”

Meanwhile, the source of the pollution remains unknown, albeit there are a number of possibilities, such as the coal-fired power plant (PLTU), motorized vehicle emissions, or a long drought. Therefore, Hariyadi stressed that the government must seriously find out the cause of the air pollution.

“If it comes from PLTU, that’s unfortunate, isn’t it? People who have invested in PLTU actually pollute the air,” Hariyadi said. “That’s ridiculous. So what to do with it? This has to be thought about.”


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